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For those of you searching for family history, you probably already know about the many resources that are available on-line. Some are free and others charge for the privilege of using their database. I have been doing family research online since about 2002. It was slow-going at first and information was a bit scarce. Still, I was excited

about the information that I found. For the next few years, I would occasionally search for family members but without much luck. I was also not willing to pay for memberships to genealogy websites without real knowledge that they had information I was looking for. In 2007, that all changed. Late on a Friday afternoon, I was randomly inserting family names into the browser and I came across someone. I ponied-up the $17.00 for one month of membership and found one line of my family. I then entered a completely different name into their search engine and came up with another line. This second one was the mother-load for me. I had found my colonial roots.

You can find alot about your family history online . . . and the resources just keep growing and growing. You will find free information but may also choose to join a pay site.

After that, I got serious about researching. Over the next couple of years, I would uncover the details of the lives of many of my ancestors. They came from England and Wales, many parts of Germany (before there was a Germany), Norway, Switzerland and other places. I now have a database with well over 1000 pieces of information including census records, photo’s, family stories, local histories, maps of landholdings, and other bits and pieces. Some of this information has been collected directly from family but most has been collected from on-line sources. I have also written a 100+ page history of the family.

As part of the mission of this website, I will be sharing what I have learned about genealogy and the family search. I hope that others will benefit from this advice and find information on their families past.

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